Alarming report could be why Dalvin Cook is still a free agent

Former Minnesota Vikings RB Dalvin Cook
Former Minnesota Vikings RB Dalvin Cook / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

Former Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook remains unsigned and a recent report revealed that some of his current legal issues could be why.

In November of 2021, a lawsuit was filed against former Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook by a former girlfriend that alleged he physically abused her in 2020. The trial for the lawsuit is scheduled to take place in 2024, but a recent report has revealed that Cook offered his former girlfriend $1 million "to clear him of wrongdoing," according to the Star Tribune's Rochelle Olson.

In addition to the reported $1 million offer from the former Vikings running back, Olson also revealed that Cook's first offer to his former girlfriend reportedly included an $800,000 payment and a requirement that she "sign a sworn affidavit denying abuse claims."

Following the release of this report, ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio shared that "there has been chatter in league circles regarding hesitation [of signing Cook] arising from the possibility of a suspension."

Could the current legal issues surrounding former Minnesota Vikings RB Davlin Cook prevent him from signing with an NFL team?

There have been plenty of reports and rumors during the last few weeks about multiple teams having interest in signing the former Vikings running back. But no deal has been signed yet, and Cook still remains unsigned.

This recent report could provide some clarity about a significant reason why the four-time Pro Bowler doesn't have a new team yet. Judging by what Florio has heard, it sounds like some potential teams are worried about Cook being handed a suspension, so they likely don't view committing to a lucrative, multi-year contract for the running back as a smart investment.

And based on the recent hesitation of other NFL teams to pay running backs this offseason, this new report definitely isn't going to help Cook land the type of contract that he believes he's earned.