6 realistic Alexander Mattison replacements for the Vikings in 2024

Baltimore Ravens RB Gus Edwards
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Possible Vikings RB Replacement No. 2

Audric Estime (Notre Dame)

The 2024 NFL Draft isn't likely to see a running back go in the first round, but prospects like Jonathan Brooks, Trey Benson, and Braelon Allen are likely to be selected sometime before the end of the third round.

Since the Minnesota Vikings aren't likely to use one of their top two draft selections on a running back, looking at a player like Notre Dame running back Audric Estime with one of their fourth-round draft picks.

Estime stands 5-foot-11 and weighs in at 227 pounds. If the Vikings like the idea of having a bruising back to wear down the opposition, Estime could be a fantastic option. He doesn't pick up speed exceptionally quickly, but he is a tough individual to tackle.

Taking a running back in Round 4 would be a big commitment to the offense for the Minnesota Vikings. The offense still needs a starting quarterback, a starting guard, and a No. 3 receiver, but having a credible threat at running back could make that investment worthwhile.