6 realistic Alexander Mattison replacements for the Vikings in 2024

Baltimore Ravens RB Gus Edwards
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Possible Vikings RB Replacement No. 3

Kareem Hunt (Cleveland Browns)

There are significant red flags when it comes to Kareem Hunt, but there isn't much doubt that he is a talented running back who could help the Minnesota Vikings have a more competent rushing attack in 2024.

Last season, Hunt ran the ball 135 times for a total of 411 yards and nine touchdowns. That's far from the success he had with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017 when he rushed for 1,327 yards and eight scores, but his smaller workload has led to lesser production.

The 5-foot-11 and 216-pound Hunt is expected to sign a deal worth approximately $4.5 million in free agency. At 28 years old with seven years of experience under his belt, the Vikings would know what they are getting on the football field.

The only real question is if the Minnesota Vikings think Kareem Hunt is the kind of player who can represent the franchise in a positive way. If they believe he is a good fit for the organization, Kareem Hunt could be an option to add in free agency.