Analyst ‘rooting for’ Justin Jefferson to leave the Vikings

Justin Jefferson
Justin Jefferson / Lon Horwedel-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Vikings fans around the globe are waiting for star wide receiver Justin Jefferson to sign a contract extension. In 2024, the dynamic pass-catcher is set to play under the fifth-year option on his rookie contract.

Many patient fans are in no rush for a deal to get done. Other fans are much more concerned about the future of Jefferson with the Vikings. Either way, most supporters of the purple and gold expect a deal to be reached that will pay the star receiver a ton of money to stay in Minnesota.

However, not everyone is rooting for Justin Jefferson to remain a member of the Minnesota Vikings. Aside from 31 other teams in the league, an NFL analyst recently shared that they hope to see the talented receiver get away from the franchise.

Who wants Justin Jefferson to leave the Minnesota Vikings?

The “Brother From Another” show on Peacock is a popular sports program featuring NBC Sports' Michael Smith and Michael Holley. On a recent episode, NBC Sports Boston’s Holley shared his thoughts on Jefferson during a conversation about the Vikings and recently signed quarterback Sam Darnold.

"I'm rooting for Justin Jefferson to get out of there. Get up on out of there. They don't know what they're doing. Sam Darnold? Come on..."

Michael Holley

Holley says that a sub-par performance from Darnold as Minnesota's starting quarterback could hurt Jefferson's production in 2024 if the Vikings fail to land a quarterback of the future in the upcoming NFL Draft,

Meanwhile, Michael Smith is a Sam Darnold believer and sees potential in a Vikings offense with Darnold behind center. Their opposing viewpoints made for an interesting conversation about the hypothetical situation the purple and gold could find themselves in.

Smith also said on the show that ensuring Jefferson is well-compensated in his contract situation could be enough to keep the star receiver happy. That's interesting since the Vikings have been open about including him in discussions about the team's quarterback situation.

If Justin Jefferson hits free agency following the 2024 NFL season, there is no telling how high the bidding could get for his services on the open marker. If money was the biggest motivating factor, the All-Pro receiver would want to test the waters of free agency and get the biggest contract possible out of whichever team opens its wallet the widest.

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