What's the average salary (per position) for the NFL in 2023?

Which positions currently have the highest average NFL salary?

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins / Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into the 2023 season, the position group that has the highest average NFL salary might stump a few people that think the answer is obvious.

During the last few years, salaries around the NFL have certainly experienced a significant increase. And with the league's popularity continuing to rise season after season, the average NFL salary is only going to grow larger and larger.

What is the current average NFL salary for every position group in the league?

Believe it or not, quarterbacks do not currently possess the highest average NFL salary. Check out the list below to find out which position group actually does have the highest average salary in the league heading into the 2023 season.

(Information courtesy of Spotrac.com)

Average NFL Salaries by Position Group

  • Quarterback: $4,855,892
  • Running Back: $1,789,687
  • Fullback: $1,724,440
  • Wide Receiver: $2,277,703
  • Tight End: $2,055,238
  • Left Tackle: $8,952,680
  • Right Tackle: $5,128,198
  • Guard: $2,500,421
  • Center: $2,394,058
  • Edge Rusher: $3,234,289
  • Defensive End: $2,996,247
  • Defensive Tackle: $2,496,660
  • Outside Linebacker: $3,703,880
  • Inside Linebacker: $3,856,602
  • Cornerback: $1,999,348
  • Safety: $2,196,749
  • Kicker: $2,228,472
  • Punter: $1,520,940
  • Long Snapper: $1,069,016

When it comes to the Vikings, specifically, the five players that currently have the highest average salaries on the team's roster heading into the upcoming season are quarterback Kirk Cousins ($35 million), right tackle Brian O'Neill ($18.5 million), safety Harrison Smith ($16 million), edge rusher Danielle Hunter ($14.4 million), and edge rusher Marcus Davenport ($13 million).