5 best position battles for the 2023 Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings v Miami Dolphins
Minnesota Vikings v Miami Dolphins / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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The Minnesota Vikings have added talent to both sides of the ball and now have some intriguing position battles to watch in the preseason this year.

The NFL Draft is over, free agency has come and gone though there could be some June signings, so now it's time to really start thinking ahead to the 2023 season. Now we can begin picturing the new members of our team in their purple jerseys and also start projecting more clearly what their roles may be and what type of impact they can have for the Vikings during the upcoming season.

While those thoughts are dancing in our minds, we can also start thinking about various positions and how the depth chart at those spots may shake out. As we begin to think and analyze these spots on the depth chart, battles begin to emerge. Maybe these contests are for starting spots on the team, and others may just be to crack the final 53-man roster and sneak on as the bottom rung on the ladder.

There are a lot of positions up for grabs on the Vikings this season that will make the preseason very intriguing. Here are some of the best roster battles on the 2023 Vikings.