6 biggest Vikings needs after the first wave of free agency in 2024

Kevin O'Connell and Jaren Hall
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Defensive line

It feels like the Minnesota Vikings are throwing ideas against the wall to see what sticks when it comes to the defensive line. Aside from re=signing Jonathan Bullard and Harrison Phillips returning, there are some new faces that could contribute for the purple and gold in 2024.

Minnesota made what was likely an easy decision to release Dean Lowry and have signed a couple of players to see if either one can contribute this year. Jerry Tillery was brought in from the Las Vegas Raiders and Jonah Williams was signed after spending last season with the Los Angeles Rams.

It was clear last season that Minnesota needed help in the trenches but neither Tillery nor Williams look like they are an answer to the problem. There is nothing wrong with acquiring big bodies and opening a competition for the defensive line, but there is also a chance that one of the Vikings' starters isn't on the roster yet.

Not to dismiss players like Khyris Tonga, Sheldon Day, and T.J. Smith, but having big bodies up front to slow down the opposition's rushing attack or disrupt a passing game can do wonders for keeping the enemy team's score low.

It could be hard for Minnesota to land a starting-caliber player to plug into the defensive line for the 2024 NFL season. Since the Vikings have limited draft resources and the cost of solid defensive linemen seems to have skyrocketed this offseason, the team could be stuck with the options they currently have on the roster.

While it would be great to get some more beef in the trenches, the Minnesota Vikings look to be taking a committee approach to the defensive line instead of focusing on individuals to make life easy on the next levels of the defense.