6 biggest takeaways from the Vikings loss to the Bears in Week 12

Joshua Dobbs
Joshua Dobbs / Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
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Vikings takeaway No. 2

Josh Dobbs came crashing down to Earth

He may have the nickname "The Passtronaut" but the play of Josh Dobbs on Monday Night was definitely not out-of-this-world. The young quarterback looked anxious and uncomfortable in Week 12, making plenty of mistakes in both accuracy and judgement.

While not all the mishaps were completely his fault, Dobbs will get a lot of blame from fans for this loss. He did extend some plays with his mobility but he also panicked under the collapsing Chicago pass rush.

Minnesota only picked up eight first downs through the air on Monday night. The ineptitude of the offense led to Chicago beating Minnesota by over ten minutes of possession time and 75 yards of offense on the night.

The struggles of the Minnesota Vikings' run game this season are well-documented but the team has been able to hide that with an explosive passing attack that keeps chains moving. Sadly, that wasn't the case in Week 12.