6 biggest takeaways from the Vikings loss to the Bears in Week 12

Joshua Dobbs
Joshua Dobbs / Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
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Vikings takeaway No. 4

Minnesota struggles against mobile quarterbacks

It seems like a theme for the Minnesota Vikings that they struggle against elusive quarterbacks. Justin Fields may have only passed for 217 yards with no touchdowns but that isn't the whole story when it comes to defending the Bears' passer.

Fields fumbled twice but he also led Chicago in rushing yards. In fact, his 59 rushing yards equaled the rushing yards of the rest of the Bears' offense combined. His speed left several Minnesota defenders in the dust when turning the corner to escape a pass rush.

Minnesota was able to sack Fields twice on Monday Night Football but there were other opportunities to take him down that failed. His elusiveness made Vikings' defenders look silly at times and kept plays alive for the Bears.

Justin Fields isn't going to break any passing records any time soon, but he does offer other challenges that can make things difficult for opposing defenses. He showcased some of those skills in Week 12.