6 biggest takeaways from the Vikings loss to the Bears in Week 12

Joshua Dobbs
Joshua Dobbs / Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
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Vikings takeaway No. 5

The bye week will be huge

It is understandable that a lot of Minnesota Vikings fans are disappointed that Justin Jefferson didn't suit up for this game. He could have been a huge asset for the team's struggling offense that only scored one touchdown.

The bye week will give the Vikings an opportunity to get healthy and prepare for the final stretch of games this season. With what fans saw on the field in Week 12, this team could use as much preparation as possible.

Minnesota's bye will also allow them to take another look at the roster and depth chart to make any necessary adjustments. Those are the kind of things that can make the difference between a strong finish and a weak one.

Going into the bye on a two-game losing streak isn't great, but hopefully the team can shake off those losses and regain their focus or adjust strategies to give the Minnesota Vikings the best chances possible to win games.