6 biggest takeaways from the Vikings loss to the Lions in Week 18

Justin Jefferson
Justin Jefferson / Lon Horwedel-USA TODAY Sports
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Minnesota Vikings takeaway No. 1

Justin Jefferson takes over games,

It seems a bit obvious to say that the Minnesota Vikings are a much better team when Justin Jefferson is in the lineup, but the difference the star wide receiver makes on games is remarkable every time he takes the field.

Jefferson led all pass-catchers in the game with 12 catches for 192 yards while adding a touchdown. That is nearly half of all receiving yards for the Vikings going to one player and the next most being tight end Johnny Mundt with 58 yards.

Despite only playing in ten games, Justin Jefferson eclipsed the 1,000-yard mark on the season, catching 68 passes for 1,074 yards and five touchdowns, His impact wasn't enough to lead Minnesota to a victory, but it was enough to keep the game interesting.

This offseason, finding a consistent passer to get Justin Jefferson the football must be a top priority for the Minnesota Vikings. That, along with locking their megastar receiver down on a huge multi-year contract extension.