Bills fans eat their words after realizing Vikings fans were right about Stefon Diggs

Houston Texans WR Stefon Diggs
Houston Texans WR Stefon Diggs / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

From the cryptic tweets to the complaints about not getting targets to the disingenuous comments to the public about everything being just fine, everything Stefon Diggs had done during the last few months was exactly what Minnesota Vikings fans had warned Buffalo Bills fans about back in 2020 when the two teams completed a trade involving the polarizing wide receiver.

Four years later, Bills fans are now on the other side after Diggs successfully forced his way out of another franchise when he was traded to the Houston Texans on Wednesday.

After the initial shock of Buffalo sending their No. 1 wide receiver to Houston wore off, Bills fans began to realize everything Vikings fans had warned them about with Diggs had turned out to be true.

Former Minnesota Vikings WR Stefon Diggs made Bufflao Bills fans look like "absolute morons"

During the last few months, as rumors about the former Minnesota wide receiver wanting out of Buffalo began to pick up steam, Bills fans now know they spent way too much time disputing the possibility that any of it could be true.

Diggs had Buffalo fans in the palm of his hands, and he could do almost nothing wrong in their eyes. But now that he was able to force his way out of town, Bills fans have finally started to realize Vikings fans weren't just making things up about him because they were bitter about him leaving Minnesota in 2020.

On Thursday, popular Bills YouTuber Dan Mitchell had the following to say about Diggs getting traded to the Texans and the regret Buffalo fans now have for defending the controversial wide receiver during the last handful of months.

"Stefon Diggs was everything that Minnesota Vikings fans had warned us he was going to be the second that he was traded over to the Buffalo Bills [in 2020.]

As a diehard Buffalo Bills fan, as somebody who would regularly defend Stefon Diggs and all of his antics on social media, fought tooth and nail to anybody that tried suggesting he wanted out of Buffalo, [he] has made me and the vast majority of Bills Mafia look like absolute morons."

During his four seasons with the team, Diggs and Buffalo were able to achieve a bunch of success together. The veteran wide receiver was voted to the Pro Bowl every year, and the Bills won their division during each of the four seasons with him on their roster.

But after his production began to fall during the second half of the 2023 campaign, his off-the-field antics clearly became much more difficult for Buffalo to tolerate.

Will things turn out differently for Diggs in Houston? Sure, anything is possible. But if Texans fans are smart, they won't make the same mistake as Bills fans, and they'll actually listen to what Buffalo and Minnesota fans have to say about the talented wide receiver.

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