Internet roasts Adam Thielen for offseason Super Bowl comments

Adam Thielen joined the Carolina Panthers because he thought they could win a Super Bowl
Carolina Panthers wide receiver Adam Thielen
Carolina Panthers wide receiver Adam Thielen / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

In his first season apart from the Minnesota Vikings, things aren't exactly going as planned for Carolina Panthers wide receiver Adam Thielen.

Earlier this year, the Minnesota Vikings made the decision to part ways with longtime wide receiver Adam Thielen. Shortly after, Thielen wound up signing a multi-year contract with the Carolina Panthers.

After landing with the Panthers, the former Vikings wide receiver went on "The Pat McAfee Show" and shared why he decided to sign with Carolina during the offseason.

If you missed anything in the clip above, in short, Thielen claimed that he signed with the Panthers earlier this year because he felt they had a chance to win the Super Bowl.

Well, after losing to the Chicago Bears on Thursday night, Thielen and Carolina saw their record fall to 1-8 this year, and believe it or not, no team in NFL history has ever started a season with a 1-8 record and gone on to win the Super Bowl in that same season.

Former Minnesota Vikings WR Adam Thielen roasted by internet over Carolina Panthers Super Bowl talk

Following the loss to the Bears that dropped the Panthers' record to 1-8, Thielen's declaration from "The Pat McAfee Show" about Carolina having a chance to win the Super Bowl resurfaced online, and, well, the internet didn't hold back with their reactions.

To be fair, the Panthers have not yet been eliminated from a spot in the playoffs this season, and they're in one of the worst divisions in the NFL this year, the NFC South, which is currently led by a 5-4 New Orleans Saints team.

But, if we're being realistic, the only way Thielen is probably going to make it to the Super Bowl this season is if he buys a ticket like all of the other people who will be in the stands for the game.

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