5 biggest changes the Vikings must make during their bye week

Josh Dobbs
Josh Dobbs / Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
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Vikings change No. 3

Be less conservative with a lead

Controlling the clock by running the ball with a lead or playing a defense that allows plays to develop in front of the defense is okay in some situations, but not when there is a good chunk of time left and the lead is less than one score.

Keeping the foot on the gas pedal might sound cliche, but it is something the Vikings need to learn to do. Playing not to lose is a great way to put yourself in a position where opposing teams will be given too many opportunities to overcome their deficit.

It makes sense to run the ball with a lead, but for a rushing offense as bad as Minnesota's, it has put them in a third-and-long situation more often than a position to continue eating the clock with a running attack.

The Minnesota Vikings need to learn how to close out games. Fans have grown used to having small heart attacks at the end of games, but this isn't something that the purple and gold faithful should have to endure on a weekly basis.