5 biggest changes the Vikings must make during their bye week

Josh Dobbs
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Vikings change No. 4

Make a decision at quarterback and stick to it

Minnesota Vikings head coach Kevin O'Connell saying that the team isn't committing to Josh Dobbs as their starting quarterback is an interesting, although somewhat dangerous, position for the team to take going into the bye week.

Dobbs has come crashing to Earth after some out-of-this-world performances, but not supporting him through the bye won't do much for the confidence of a player on his ninth NFL team in seven seasons in the league.

While it's understandable to want to see what rookie QB Jaren Hall has to offer or want to turn to a more established backup like Nick Mullens, announcing that the quarterback position is up in the air seems a little irresponsible.

This Minnesota Vikings team should know its roster well enough at this point to have a good idea of what direction they want to go at quarterback. And they should be able to do it without making their passers question their role with the team.