Jake Browning screams at Minnesota Vikings 'they never should have cut me!'

Cincinnati Bengals QB Jake Browning enjoyed defeating the Minnesota Vikings on Saturday

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Jake Browning
Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Jake Browning / Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer / USA TODAY

Former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Jake Browning thoroughly enjoyed leading the Cincinnati Bengals to a win over his old team on Saturday.

Leading up to Saturday's matchup against a Minnesota Vikings organization that cut him in 2021, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Jake Browning downplayed there being any sort of extra motivation to lead his current team to a win.

But after Browning was able to help the Bengals pull off an overtime victory over the Vikings on Saturday, the fifth-year NFL quarterback shared his true feelings about his former team in his post-game press conference.

"There was definitely a little extra [motivation]. Just before the game, I remember getting cut [by Minnesota] and just being told, 'Hey, we might have a spot for you on practice squad. Go to the hotel and wait.'

So I sat in the hotel for a couple of hours, not knowing if I had a job or not, and then just basically got a call from my agent. They didn't even tell me. I had been there for two years, and [it didn't matter].

I've been cut my fair share of times, and that was probably the shittiest one."

Cincinnati Bengals QB Jake Browning screams message intended for Minnesota Vikings

Browning also went on to mention in his post-game press conference that he screamed something in the camera after leading the Bengals to a win over Minnesota on Saturday.

"I think right after we made the field goal to win the game, I screamed at a camera and said, 'They never should have cut me!'

Before anyone jumps in with the point that it was a completely different Vikings regime that cut Browning in 2021, the Cincinnati quarterback also mentioned this and said that there are still some "incredible people" in Minnesota.

Clearly, Browning didn't enjoy how his tenure with the Vikings came to an end in 2021, and he's obviously not the only one who had a problem with Minnesota's previous regime since most of them were fired after the 2021 season.

It just goes to show people that the next time someone in the NFL downplays an upcoming matchup against a former team, they're probably not sharing their true feelings.

We all know Kirk Cousins enjoyed leading the Vikings to a win in Washington last season a little more than normal victory, and Browning had similar feelings about helping the Bengals defeat Minnesota on Saturday.