Complete guide for the 2024 Minnesota Vikings offseason

Minnesota Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson and quarterback Kirk Cousins
Minnesota Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson and quarterback Kirk Cousins / David Berding/GettyImages
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Biggest Offseason Questions the Vikings Need to Answer

Will Minnesota re-sign Kirk Cousins?

For the first time since 2018, Kirk Cousins is a free agent this year. Cousins has said he wants to remain with the Vikings, but the 35-year-old quarterback coming off of a torn Achilles might not get his wish.

A return to Minnesota still seems possible, but the chances of him signing elsewhere also seem to be higher than they ever have before.

Will the Vikings extend Justin Jefferson?

It seems like a no-brainer, but Minnesota has to figure out if they want to make Justin Jefferson one of the highest-paid non-quarterbacks in the entire NFL this year.

Jefferson has been everything the Vikings could have hoped for ever since he was drafted in 2020, and he's more than earned the lucrative extension that is likely heading his way.

What is Minnesota's goal for the 2024 season?

After failing to make the playoffs in 2023, the Vikings have to decide if they're going to re-tool or rebuild this offseason.

Minnesota's ownership wants their team to remain competitive, but this mentality is keeping the Vikings stuck in the middle of the NFL each season, so taking a step back in 2024 might be what is best for the future of the franchise.