6 contracts holding the Vikings back right now

Kirk Cousins
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Vikings contract No. 3

Marcus Davenport, edge

As expected, the experiment with Marcus Davenport didn't work out for the Minnesota Vikings. Their mistake of inking him to a one-year deal worth $13 million got them two sacks and seven combined tackles in four games played.

The Vikings knew they had to spread out their losses on this deal, so they will be paying him through the 2027 NFL season even if he signs somewhere else in free agency, which feels like a slap in the face considering the production they got from him.

2024 will see Davenport have a salary cap hit of $6.8 million, which isn't a lot in the wide scope of things, but what makes it bad is what it is being spent on. Paying a player who isn't on the roster is always painful.

The Minnesota Vikings will potentially need to find two new starters to be their edge rushers and every bit of salary cap space would help. Of course, they could elect to bring Davenport back to help ease that financial impact, but that seems unlikely.