6 contracts holding the Vikings back right now

Kirk Cousins
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Vikings contract No. 6

Brian O'Neill, offensive tackle

One of the best right tackles in the NFL, Brian O'Neill earned his massive contract extension when his rookie deal ended. However, he is set to have the highest salary cap hit of any player expected to remain on the team in 2024.

$22.93 million is a big cap hit for a right tackle (fourth-highest) in 2024 and in 2025 is set to be over $26 million. The big cap hit numbers are because the 2023 cap hit was less than $10 million and they spread out the larger numbers in the final three years of his deal.

At the moment, O'Neill is set to account for 9.12 percent of Minnesota's projected salary cap. That's three million more than what superstar Justin Jefferson is set to make on the fifth-year option of his rookie contract.

The moral of the story for the Vikings is that they have to stop focusing too much on the current situation and think more about how these contracts and restructurings will impact the future of the franchise.