Former Vikings DE Everson Griffen arrested in Minnesota once again

Former Minnesota Vikings DE Everson Griffen
Former Minnesota Vikings DE Everson Griffen / Rob Leiter/GettyImages

It's been a difficult last few years for former Minnesota Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen, and on Wednesday, he found himself in hot water once again when he was arrested in Mound, Minnesota, for probable cause DWI.

According to Inside The Vikings, the Minnesota State Patrol's report revealed that Griffen was pulled over by a Minnesota State Trooper late on Tuesday night after he was seen driving "at a high rate of speed." The Trooper then felt there was enough probable cause to arrest the former Minnesota defender for a possible DWI, and he was taken to the Hennepin County Jail early Wednesday morning.

Charges against Griffen for DWI are still pending according to the report from Minnesota's State Patrol that was shared with Inside The Vikings.

If it hasn't happened already, former Minnesota Vikings DE Everson Griffen is in need of some serious help

Unfortunately, Wednesday's arrest is not the first time that Griffen has had a run-in with the law during the last handful of years.

Last summer, the former Vikings pass rusher was arrested in Chanhassen, Minnesota, for DWI. Back in 2021, Griffen fired a weapon inside his home and called 911 in response to what he believed was an intruder inside his home. Police were unable to find any alleged intruder, and after refusing to leave his home for multiple hours, Griffen was eventually taken in an ambulance to a local health care facility.

He also missed a significant portion of the 2018 season with the Vikings to undergo a mental health evaluation following an incident at a local Minnesota hotel in which he threatened to shoot someone.

Shortly after the incident at his home in 2021, Griffen shared with the public that he suffers from bipolar disorder. His diagnosis helps explain some of his past, but a second arrest for DWI within a calendar year leads one to believe that he also has a problem with alcohol.

If an attempt already hasn't been made by Griffen or those around him to provide him help with a possible substance abuse issue, then it's something that needs to be seriously considered sooner rather than later.

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