Former Vikings GM not sold on one of Minnesota's offensive starters

Minnesota Vikings offensive line
Minnesota Vikings offensive line / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

Ever since Kevin O'Connell was hired to be the new head coach of the Minnesota Vikings in 2022, the overall performance of the team's offensive line is an underrated, but significant, improvement that has been made.

Under the Vikings' previous regime, the team never seemed to figure out how to put together a solid offensive line. But in just two seasons with O'Connell leading the charge, Minnesota's offensive line has transformed into one of the better blocking units in the entire NFL.

Even with the improvements, however, there are still plenty of concerns about the Vikings' offensive line heading into the 2024 campaign.

Former Minnesota Vikings general manager worried about Garrett Bradbury in 2024

Despite performing at a mediocre level during the majority of his NFL career, Minnesota has kept Garrett Bradbury around as the team's starting center ever since they selected him in the first round of the 2019 draft.

It doesn't seem like the Vikings are really concerned about Bradbury as their starter for next season, though, as the only competition they added in the last few months was rookie Michael Jurgens in the seventh round of this year's NFL Draft.

Understandably, not everyone is sold on the idea of Minnesota sticking with Bradbury at center for the 2024 season. Most recently, former Vikings general manager Jeff Diamond shared his concerns about the team's current starting center in an article over on

"Competition should help the Vikings’ interior offensive line improve this season. But I still worry about center Garrett Bradbury when he’s matched up against elite nose tackles such as the Giants’ Dexter Lawrence in the opener and Kenny Clark of the Packers."

Diamond was Minnesota's general manager for more than a handful of years during the 1990s, and while he held this role, four different Vikings offensive linemen were voted to at least one Pro Bowl. So, he knows what is needed to build a successful offensive line in the NFL.

Diamond certainly isn't wrong to be concerned about Bradbury as Minnesota's starting center, especially when he has to block guys like Dexter Lawrence and Kenny Clark. Bradbury has struggled time and time again against some of the best defensive linemen in the league, and as a center who was drafted in the first round, this shouldn't happen.

Bradbury's current contract with the Vikings doesn't expire until 2026, but the team could save a little more than $3.6 million if they cut him after the upcoming season. So, unless he finds a way to perform better than he has during almost his entire career in the league, the 2024 campaign could potentially be his final one in Minnesota.

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