10 former Vikings players that could return for the 2024 season

Cordarrelle Patterson
Cordarrelle Patterson / Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports
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Potential returning Viking No. 3

Cordarrelle Patterson, joker

Yes, "joker" is an absolutely strange position but that is because Cordarrelle Patterson can be used in a wide variety of ways, including running back, wide receiver, and multiple special teams positions depending on what is needed.

Patterson had some success with the Atlanta Falcons but his usage took a huge hit with the drafting of players like Bijan Robinson and Drake London. Now, he will likely leave in free agency to find a new team to help in 2024.

Bringing Patterson back to Minnesota could have some huge benefits for the Minnesota Vikings. Not only could he bring a dynamic weapon to the offense, but he could return kickoffs and possibly open a roster spot by taking on multiple roles.

Only having 50 rushing attempts and nine catches in 2023, Patterson has a lot more to offer an offense than the opportunities he was given in Atlanta. In returning to the Minnesota Vikings, he could contribute in several phases of the game.