Former Viking says Minnesota is 'too caught up in one f*cking guy'

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

Former Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman Alex Boone didn't hold back when recently asked what his old team should do with quarterback Kirk Cousins this year.

In less than a month, we will likely find out whether or not Kirk Cousins is going to remain with the Minnesota Vikings for at least one more season.

Cousins is currently scheduled to become a free agent when the new league year begins in the second week of March. The Vikings and the veteran quarterback could agree to a new deal before then, but it sounds like he'd rather see what some other teams might offer him in free agency first.

Cousins' pending free-agent status has led to a number of different opinions about what Minnesota should do with the guy whose 2023 season ended with a torn Achilles. Recently, former Vikings offensive lineman Alex Boone added his thoughts to the discussion about the quarterback's future in the Twin Cities.

Alex Boone says Minnesota Vikings are "too caught up" in Kirk Cousins

Among other things, Boone is currently a co-host of "The Oline Committee" podcast with fellow former Minnesota offensive lineman Jeremiah Sirles and SKOR North's Phil Mackey.

During a recent episode of the show, Boone said the following about the Vikings and Cousins.

"[Minnesota] is too caught up in one f*cking guy. I hate to say it, but everybody just said it. You've only won one playoff game.

You're not good. Stop saying you're disrespected. That's not what it is. That's what people look at.

They go, 'Hey, you lost your best receiver? No one gives a f*ck Patrick Mahomes. Show us how good you are.' And then when he did, everybody was like, 'F*ck! God, he did it again!'

That's who you pay. Because that's the guy the team plays for."

These comments were in response to Sirles saying that he believes Cousins has felt disrespected during his whole NFL career, so in order to earn his respect around the league, the Minnesota signal-caller has placed an emphasis on getting paid like a top-tier NFL quarterback.

Both Sirles and Boone agreed that the Vikings should move on from Cousins this offseason or, at the very least, select his replacement in this year's NFL Draft.

So what will Minnesota end up doing? We're likely still a few weeks away from officially finding out. But don't worry, there will definitely be more opinions and thoughts added to this discussion before then, whether we like it or not.

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