5 free agents who could help the Vikings make the 2023 playoffs

Myles Gaskin
Myles Gaskin / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports
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Free agent No. 5

James Robinson, running back

Giving the run game a chance to succeed this season has to be a top priority now that quarterback Kirk Cousins is out for the year. The loss of Cam Akers gives another running back an opportunity to be productive while sharing touches with Alexander Mattison.

Going to the next man up and seeing if Ty Chandler can do the job is one option. So is bringing back Myles Gaskin, who has enjoyed a couple of cups of coffee with the Minnesota Vikings so far this season.

Or, like in the classic film Brewster's Millions, there is always another option. Going with none of the above could have the team looking at free agents they haven't brought in yet. One of those options could be James Robinson.


At only 25 years old, Robinson flourished at times with the Jaguars but was in a crowded running back room with the Jets. With 32 career starts and a total of 23 touchdowns, he would be worth a look to see if he fits in Minnesota's gameplan.

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