How did some notable ex-Vikings perform in Week 1?

Carolina Panthers wide receiver Adam Thielen
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Former Viking No. 4

Eric Kendricks - LB

Week 1 Stats:

  • 7 tackles
  • 1 pass breakup

There wasn’t much drama to Eric Kendricks’ departure as most fans saw the writing on the wall after last year’s playoff performance against the New York Giants.

But while Kendricks had a respectable line, the analytics weren’t kind to his performance in the Los Angeles Chargers’ 36-34 loss to the Miami Dolphins.

Kendricks was great in tackling, grading 25th by PFF among linebackers with 20 percent of the league lead in snaps in Week 1. But he posted lower rates against the run (64.2) and in coverage (50.1), leading to a 54.9 grade overall from PFF.

The struggles in coverage are why the Vikings felt comfortable letting him go and why they feel that Hicks is a cheaper replacement for a comparable player.

Kendricks will have a spot in the Vikings’ Ring of Honor someday, but he’s just a subpackage player at this point in his career.