7 impending free agents the Vikings should re-sign in 2024

Joshua Dobbs
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Josh Dobbs, quarterback

As of now, it is up in the air as to whether or not the Minnesota Vikings will bring Kirk Cousins back to be their starting quarterback in 2024. If they don't, expect the team to look to a rookie with a capable backup to help them learn

Josh Dobbs has only played in one game for the Vikings so far, but he seems to fit in well with the team. Having him as insurance for a young quarterback would make a lot of sense and not break the bank.

If Dobbs finishes out the season for Minnesota and plays well, there is a chance he could work himself into a bigger role somewhere else, but that will depend on his performance in the coming weeks and how the Vikings end their season.

Re-signing Dobbs wouldn't be the flashiest move, but it is one that would allow the Minnesota Vikings to be a little mor flexible in their search for the next long-term answer at quarterback as the team continues to build for the future.