7 impending free agents the Vikings should re-sign in 2024

Joshua Dobbs
Joshua Dobbs / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
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Vikings player No. 6

David Quessenberry, offensive line

Not only is the story of offensive lineman David Quessenberry's return to the NFL an inspirational one, but he has filled in pretty well when starting left tackle Christian Darrisaw missed time due to a groin injury.

Quessenberry is 33 years old but could still be a valuable asset to the Vikings' offensive line in 2024. With a cap hit of less than $1 million, he would be an inexpensive backup with experience and familiarity to the offense.

Any time you can fill a team need with a capable player at a low cost, the team has to explore that option. Although Minnesota may look to find a younger backup offensive tackle, they have other priorities to address first.

David Quessenberry re-signing with the Minnesota Vikings isn't a transaction that would make a lot of noise, but it's one that would help to keep the team stable while the rest of the team continues to make changes to adjust for the future.