Bogus Justin Jefferson rumor is toying with Jets fans

Minnesota Vikings WR Justin Jefferson
Minnesota Vikings WR Justin Jefferson / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

While the Minnesota Vikings and a number of other teams around the league are conducting the latest round of their OTA sessions this week, we are getting very close to the slowest part of the NFL offseason.

So, with less and less to talk about as the weeks go by, it shouldn't come as a surprise that some accounts online are attempting to create a rumor out of thin air about Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson.

Recent rumor about Minnesota Vikings WR Justin Jefferson is unfair to New York Jets fans

First off, let's just make this very clear. There have been zero legitimate reports about either Minnesota being willing to trade Jefferson or the receiver wanting the team to send him elsewhere.

But, apparently, since Jefferson was seen in New Jersey last week, this must mean that he's meeting with the Jets to possibly work out some sort of trade, right? This has to be the obvious answer, especially since New York currently has less than $6.5 million in cap space, right?

Sorry Jets fans, but the most logical reason for Jefferson spending time in New Jersey last week likely has to do with the legal battle he is currently in with a woman who filed a paternity lawsuit in Essex County, New Jersey Family Court against the Vikings receiver last January.

In the lawsuit, Jefferson is accused of fathering the woman's child and "pressuring her to abort the child during her pregnancy." The Minnesota wide receiver has also filed a counter-lawsuit against the woman, which included a request for a paternity test.

So, unless Jefferson was meeting with the Vikings owners, which is also possible since the Wilfs were raised in New Jersey, the receiver being in town to deal with his legal matters seems more likely than almost anything else.

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