Kirk Cousins is still severely brainwashing the Falcons fan base

Atlanta Falcons QB Kirk Cousins
Atlanta Falcons QB Kirk Cousins / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

It took almost no time for Kirk Cousins to switch gears after leaving the Minnesota Vikings earlier this offseason to chase another sack of cash for his bank account that the Atlanta Falcons were naively willing to give the veteran quarterback.

In some of his first public comments after signing his latest lucrative multi-year contract, Cousins immediately claimed that whenever he decides to retire from the NFL, he wants to do it as a member of the Falcons.

The majority of Atlanta fans seem to be excited about their favorite team adding a solid veteran quarterback to their roster this year. However, history says that excitement about Cousins will likely vanish by the middle of the upcoming 2024 season.

Former Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins says he will do everything he can to help the Atlanta Falcons win a Super Bowl

Cousins has participated in a number of interviews since signing with the Falcons, and recently, he joined "The Big Podcast with Shaq" to have a chat with Basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal.

During the interview, the former Vikings signal-caller had the following to say when Shaq asked him what he wants Falcons fans to know about their new quarterback.

"They need to know that I'm going to be committed to doing everything I can to help [Atlanta] win a world championship."

Everything Kirk? Are we sure about that?

So if Atlanta decides in a year or two that they would like Cousins to renegotiate his current contract in order to free up some cap space and keep their roster stocked full of talent, the quarterback is going to be on board with that?

Let us not forget that one of the biggest reasons why he decided to leave Minnesota after six seasons was the fact that they weren't willing to offer him as much guaranteed money as the Falcons. He was apparently shocked that the Vikings didn't want to give a bunch of guaranteed cash to a quarterback coming off of a torn Achilles who will turn 36 in August.

Listen, this has already been stated plenty of times since Cousins left a few weeks ago, but it is perfectly fine that he wants to make as much money as possible during his NFL career. He put himself in an incredibly unique position, and he should be allowed to take advantage of it.

The thing that has just rubbed a lot of people the wrong way has been how he's acted since signing with Atlanta. The immediate talks of retirement with the Falcons, the comments alluding to some sort of dysfunction in Minnesota being part of the reason why he didn't re-sign with the Vikings, and now the claims of him willing to do anything to bring Atlanta a championship.

If any Falcons fans are reading this, this isn't just some Minnesota fan being bitter about Cousins leaving the team after six years. It's more of just a warning to the quarterback's new fan base from someone who has experienced this same old song and dance from him in the past.

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