Kirk Cousins has the perfect reaction to Justin Jefferson's top QB list

Justin Jefferson and Kirk Cousins
Justin Jefferson and Kirk Cousins / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins said all the right things when asked about the Top Five QB list teammate Justin Jefferson made.

The media has been quite loud about Justin Jefferson creating a list of the top five quarterbacks in the NFL and not including Kirk Cousins but that isn't going to create any problems between the Minnesota Vikings teammates.

When asked who he believes the top five quarterbacks in the league are, Jefferson included Kansas City's Patrick Mahomes, New York's Aaron Rodgers, Cincinnati's Joe Burrow, Philadelphia's Jalen Hurts, and Buffalo's Josh Allen.

Recently, Kirk Cousins was a guest on The Power Hour, a morning show on KFAN radio, and was asked for his thoughts on not being included on the list created by Jefferson and his reply was absolutely perfect.

""I didn't even see it. This is the first time hearing about it," Cousins answered. "As a competitor, yeah, you always want that. People have to be honest and share what they think and I'm not going to tell somebody what they need to think and hopefully in 2024 I'll be on his list. We'll see what we can do this year.""

Kirk Cousins

While it is unlikely that Cousins hadn't seen or heard of the list before it was brought up on The Power Hour, saying that he wasn't aware of it was one of the best things he could have said. The Vikings passer has likely been busy promoting the Netflix series Quarterback and preparing for the upcoming season.

Adding that he appreciates the honest and wants to earn a spot in Jefferson's top five just shows the same kind of mentality the quarterback has demonstrated since coming to Minnesota prior to the 2018 NFL season.


Kirk Cousins continues to be a professional who doesn't rock the boat. Thankfully, something so silly doesn't seem to have created any kind of rift between the two Pro Bowl teammates and they should be on the same page when the 2023 NFL season kicks off.

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