Kirk Cousins return to NFC East? Oddsmakers think it's possible in 2024

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

Odds recently shared by DraftKings list the Washington Commanders with a high chance of signing Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins this offseason.

With the Super Bowl concluding on Sunday, the 2023 NFL season is officially over, and we are closer to finding out if Kirk Cousins is going to re-sign with the Minnesota Vikings this year or not.

Recent reports indicate the Vikings would like to bring Cousins back, but the team also isn't going to give the quarterback a new contract with an absurd amount of money if that's what he's looking for.

If Minnesota and Cousins are unable to work out a deal this offseason, there are a number of teams around the league that would be interested in adding the veteran signal-caller to their offense.

Recent odds give Washington Commanders high odds to land Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins

Recently, DraftKings released their latest next-team odds for Cousins, and there are a few teams with some pretty intriguing odds.

Here's how they currently look.

Minnesota Vikings: - 200
Atlanta Falcons: +300
Washington Commanders: +500
Las Vegas Raiders: +700
New England Patriots: +1200
Tennessee Titans: +1200
Pittsburgh Steelers: +2500
Denver Broncos: +3500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: +3500
Carolina Panthers: +5000
Chicago Bears: +5000
New York Giants: +5000
San Francisco 49ers: +5000
Seattle Seahawks: +5000

Looking at these odds, the Commanders currently having the third-best chance to sign Cousins is very interesting.

Washington is where the Pro Bowl quarterback spent the first six seasons of his NFL career before he signed with the Vikings in 2018. But would Cousins really be interested in returning to the Commanders?

Well, a number of things have changed in Washington since he was last there, most notably the team's current ownership.

The Commanders were owned by Daniel Snyder when Cousins was with the team, but that is no longer the case. Snyder sold Washington before the start of the 2023 season, and they are now owned by Josh Harris.

The Commanders also have a different head coach since the last time Cousins was there.

Former Atlanta Falcons head coach and Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn was recently hired as Washington's head coach, and he's someone who was able to achieve a significant amount of success in the past with a veteran quarterback leading the way (Matt Ryan in Atlanta).

If the Commanders present Cousins with a lucrative, multi-year contract offer this offseason, would he sign it? Or does he still want absolutely nothing to do with Washington after how his tenure with the franchise ended in 2018?