Kirko Chains the star of the 'Quarterback' trailer from Netflix

Kirk Cousins
Kirk Cousins / Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins shines in the trailer for the upcoming Netflix series 'Quarterback.'

There wasn't too much out of the ordinary about Kirk Cousins until recently. The Minnesota Vikings quarterback had some fun with teammates when his alter ego "Kirko Chains" was created after a big regular season win.

Fans of the Vikings will have more opportunities to see more glimpses into who Kirk Cousins really is thanks to the upcoming Netflix series titled 'Quarterback' which premieres on the streaming service on July 12.

Focusing around Patrick Mahomes. Kirk Cousins. and Marcus Mariota, 'Quarterback' will become must-watch programming for football fans who want a deeper look at the sport and the most important position in football.

What does the trailer offer for Minnesota Vikings fans?

Recently, the official Netflix Twitter account shared the trailer for the upcoming series. It is two and a half minutes long and really makes glimpses at these three quarterbacks on and off the field very interesting.

Here is the shared trailer:

The trailer offers a look at Cousins as a family man as well as takes a look at the hits a passer can take on a regular basis in the NFL as well as some peeks inside the Minnesota Vikings locker room to see what he does to prepare for action.

It seems as though Kirk Cousins and his family aren't afraid to joke about his "dad style" of fashion, eating turducken, as well as times when the quarterback finally allows himself to have some fun and ends up in the headlines.

Fans may recall when a shirtless Cousins celebrated with his teammates while wearing quite a few gold chains and he was dubbed "Kirko Chains" which spawned a young copycat who got national media attention called "Lil Kirko."

Don't miss "Quarterback" when it premieres on Netflix on July 12 if you want to get an interesting look behind the scenes of life as an NFL passer.

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