Kyle Rudolph thinks Vikings should listen to Kirk Cousins trade offers

The former Minnesota Vikings tight end believes his old team should consider trading Kirk Cousins this year

Former Minnesota Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph (82)
Former Minnesota Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph (82) / Hannah Foslien/GettyImages

Former Minnesota Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph recently made his retirement official, and now, he's spending his time as a TV analyst and a radio broadcaster. Rudolph hasn't had the role very long, but he's already been sharing some fiery hot takes, including a recent one that has to do with one of his former Vikings teammates, Kirk Cousins.

In one of his new roles with Fox Sports Radio, Rudolph joined co-host Mark Willard this past Sunday, and he discussed the possibility of Minnesota moving on from Cousins before this season's trade deadline.

"[The Vikings] have a really good shot at getting back to 2-2. So I don't think the Vikings can look at this season and say, 'Oh, it's over, let's give up, we'll trade our quarterback.' But it's where are you going? What are you doing? What's the plan?

[Kirk Cousins] is a quarterback where he's in the last year of his contract. [The Vikings] haven't extended him. So why haven't you extended him? Does he want more money, or do you not want to keep him?

So, to me, I just think there's a lot to uncover here, and if I'm the [New York] Jets, it's a phone call that [you] have to make, to at least find out. And if you're the Vikings, I think it's a phone call that you have to take."

Cousins has been a name that some people have brought up as a possible trade target for the New York Jets ever since Aaron Rodgers was lost for the season in Week 1 after tearing his Achilles.

So it sounds like Rudolph is someone who believes the Vikings should, at the very least, listen to a trade offer involving Cousins from the Jets or any other team that might be interested in acquiring the veteran quarterback this year.

Of course, Cousins still has the final say in any possible trade this season, as he has a no-trade clause in his contract. So if he wants to finish the season in Minnesota, whether he has a better chance to win a Super Bowl somewhere else or not this year, then that's something that the Vikings don't really have a lot of control over.

Minnesota could get things back on track in Week 3 when they take on the Los Angeles Chargers. But if the Vikings lose and their record falls to 0-3, the trade speculation involving Cousins is only going to increase.