5 longest playing careers in Minnesota Vikings history

Jim Marshall
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Vikings player No. 1

Jim Marshall, defensive end (270 games played)

It's weird to think that Jim Marshall is not only the longest-playing member of the Minnesota Vikings but one of the most talked about in the history of the franchise because he is best known for making a mistake.

Fans and experts can argue whether or not Jim Marshall deserves a place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but they shouldn't define his career on a blunder against the 49ers in 1964 when he recovered a fumble and ran the wrong way with it.

Marshall holds the NFL record for consecutive games played with one team and most consecutive starts by a defensive player. He was also a key part of the destructive Purple People Eaters defensive unit.


Whether you believe he should be enshrined in Canton, Ohio or if you feel he isn't quite there, one thing for certain is that Jim Marshall was a reliable defender who can't seem to escape the negativity surrounding one mistake he made in a long, wonderful career.

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