3 matchups the Vikings need to win in Week 10 vs. the Saints

Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints
Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages
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Matchup No.1

Vikings defense vs. Alvin Kamara's receiving game

Alvin Kamara is a player who needs no introduction to Vikings fans, as it wasn't too long ago that Kamara was scoring 6 touchdowns against Minnesota on Christmas Day in 2020. Both teams look a lot different in just that few years span, but the goal to stop Kamara needs to be at the forefront for the Vikings.

Kamara has been struggling on the ground this season, with a 3.6 YPC average on 95 carries, but where he is the most dangerous is in the passing game. Kamara, far and away, leads the NFL in receptions for running backs, and he has done so in only 6 games due to an early season suspension.

There is no doubt that the Saints will be looking to throw the ball Kamara's way on Sunday afternoon, and if Minnesota wants to slow down the Saints' offense, stopping Kamara through the air is a major key.

Whether the task of covering Kamara is given to Josh Metellus, Ivan Pace Jr. or even a cornerback, covering the elusive running back and slowing him down will go a long way for the Vikings to secure a win.