3 matchups the Vikings need to win in Week 10 vs. the Saints

Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints
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Matchup No.3

Vikings blitz vs. Saints offensive line

There's no questioning that the Brian Flores-led defense is as blitz-happy as any team in the NFL, and Minnesota needs to keep that up this week against New Orleans. The key for Minnesota is that they need to do a better job of getting to the QB and bringing them down. Minnesota leads the league in blitz rate but only has the 13th most sacks in the NFL.

Derek Carr is not the most mobile QB in the NFL, but he has a solid ability to move in the pocket when necessary. The Vikings, at the very least, need to make Carr as uncomfortable as possible, as his completion percentage drops from 67 to 62 on non-blitzing to blitzing plays.

The Vikings will need to rely a lot on their defense this week as they work with a makeshift offense, and a great way to help out the offense is to create pressure and either force turnovers or force incompletions.


This Minnesota Vikings defense has started to heat up in recent weeks under Brian Flores, and this week will be the week they need to step up even more with so many injuries plaguing the offensive side of the ball.

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