Mike Florio hates that Kirk Cousins spends time with his family

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins is being criticized for taking his family to see the Minnesota Twins on Tuesday
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins / Kara Durrette/GettyImages

This past Tuesday, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins decided to attend the MLB playoff game between the Minnesota Twins and Toronto Blue Jays at Target Field with his wife and their two children.

Cousins, who typically takes Tuesdays off each week during the season to spend time with the family that he has to be away from during the rest of the week, took advantage of the fact that the Twins were playing a playoff game on a day in which he actually had time to go watch.

Luckily for the Cousins family, they had the pleasure of watching a great moment in sports history as the Twins were able to get a win and snap their historic 18-game playoff losing streak. The Vikings quarterback now has this memory to share with his wife and kids for the rest of their lives together.

Not everyone was thrilled with Cousins' decision to spend an afternoon at a baseball game with his family on Tuesday. Well, actually, most people didn't really care, but NBC Sports' Mike Florio is furious that the Minnesota quarterback didn't lock himself in a dark closet to watch 18 hours of film on Tuesday instead.

Florio is a known Vikings fan, so he's experienced plenty of heartbreak, and he just wants his favorite NFL team to win a championship at least once in his lifetime.

However, what he recently wrote about Cousins' decision to go to the Twins playoff game was a bit unhinged, even for Florio.

"Do you want to be great?

Do you? If so, what are you willing to do to be great? What are you willing to sacrifice to be great? Are you willing to work every single day to be great? Because others who aspire to be great are doing exactly that.

More specifically, are you willing to pass on going to a baseball game five days before facing Patrick Mahomes in a game that will result in your team being either 1-4 or 2-3?

Cousins has every right to take the day off. Do you think Mahomes did? Do you think any of the great ones do?"

Is this Florio's first time learning about how Cousins makes sure he spends time with his family? Does Florio really think that Cousins spending a few hours at a baseball game with his family is going to be what separates the quarterback from being great or not?

Cousins has been in the NFL since 2012, he is who he is. He goes about his life in a certain way, and it's how he's always done things, and that's his choice.

People are free to agree or disagree with his approach, but it's likely not going to change how he spends his life.

Cousins enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, and if that's something that's going to prevent him from being a great quarterback, then he's probably already come to terms with that a long, long time ago.

In this day and age, sometimes we get too caught up in wanting athletes to sacrifice everything they possibly can in order to win a trophy for a billionaire owner. Yes, it's the main goal, but we also have to realize that only a very small percentage of people are able to reach the mountaintop of their sport.

Sure, Tom Brady will likely go down as the greatest quarterback in NFL history, but all of the sacrifices he believed he needed to make to win all of those Super Bowl rings also played a part in him recently divorcing his longtime wife.

Looking back, it doesn't seem crazy to think that Brady likely wishes he did things a little differently in order to prevent his marriage from crumbling.


So when it comes to Cousins, it seems safe to say that even if he's unable to reach the goal of winning a Super Bowl, he's still going to be content during his post-career because he didn't let his career ruin his marriage or his relationship with his children.

Instead of criticizing Cousins for choosing the happiness that spending time with his family provides him over spending a few more hours watching game film, let's applaud the quarterback for being one of the few pro athletes who hasn't let his competitiveness turn into a disturbing obsession that ruins the life he has outside of his sport.

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