Mike Zimmer embraced by Cowboys for trait that led to Vikings firing

Mike Zimmer
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Mike Zimmer's time with the Minnesota Vikings was a bit of a roller coaster. The team's former head coach was a noted hard-nosed defensive guru but struggled to execute a complete game plan on a weekly basis.

As the head coach of the Vikings, Zimmer led the team to a 72-56-1 record during the regular season as well as two playoff wins between the 2014 NFL season and his release from Minnesota following the 2021 campaign

Mike Zimmer stepped away from NFL sidelines for 2022. However, 2024 will see him return to the Dallas Cowboys to reprise his role as a defensive coordinator. From 1994-2006, the Illinois native was a member of their coaching staff, acting as an assistant, a specialist, a positional coach, and eventually a defensive coordinator.

Mike Zimmer embraced by Cowboys for trait that led to Vikings firing

A no-nonsense authority figure, Zimmer has a lot to offer a team. His old-school mentality and defensive knowledge are well-documented during his time with the Minnesota Vikings and should provide his new team with the tools to get the most out of their defense.

Recently, Cowboys safety Malik Hooker made an interesting statement about his new defensive coordinator during a recent conversation during an appearance on Keyshawn Johnson’s All Facts, No Brakes podcast.

"“Mike Zimmer will give you a couple of chances to mess up. If you keep messing up and can’t get it right, [he] is going to get somebody else in there.""

Malik Hooker via All Facts, No Brakes

Zimmer has always been big on accountability. Vikings fans will remember instances when he would get impatient with his defense when they weren't executing properly and that mindset will likely not change in the Lone Star state.

Apparently, Zimmer's presence has already made an impact on the Cowboys' defense as Hooker explained the difference in the team's mindset under former defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and his replacement, Mike Zimmer.

"“I would say the biggest difference is the discipline that we are going to have this year.""

Malik Hooker via All Facts, No Brakes

Zimmer turned 68 years old this year and is under a one-year deal with the Dallas Cowboys. There is no denying his passion for professional football and his knowledge of how to create an efficient defense. The former Minnesota Vikings head coach will have an excellent opportunity to showcase those skills in the NFC East this season.

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