Vikings and the NHL's Minnesota Wild did the same exact thing on Sunday

The Minnesota Vikings literally won their game on Sunday by a hockey score
Marco Rossi of the Minnesota Wild
Marco Rossi of the Minnesota Wild / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

In an extremely rare coincidence, the Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota Wild both won their respective games on Sunday by a 3-0 final score.

Winning by a final score of 3-0 is not something that anyone predicted for the Minnesota Vikings heading into their matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders. 3-0 is score that is better suited for, say, a game that involves the NHL's Minnesota Wild.

Well, somehow, someway, the Vikings and the Wild both earned wins on Sunday by defeating their opponents by a final score of 3-0.

Nothing definitive has been reported by anyone, but this feels like it has to be the first time that this has ever happened in the history of Minnesota professional sports, especially since the only other time the Vikings won a game 3-0 was all the way back in 1971, when the Wild didn't even exist yet.

Minnesota Wild enjoy a laugh online with the Minnesota Vikings after Sunday's victories

Following the extremely random instance of both the Vikings and Wild winning their games on Sunday by the same exact final score, Minnesota's pro hockey team had a little fun on social media with a post after their victory.

It's all in good fun, obviously. You can't blame the Wild, though. How many times are they going to get to say they won a game by the same final score as the Vikings on the same exact day?

Judging from the past, this is highly unlikely to ever happen again. And for the sake of every Vikings fan's sanity, let's hope this does, indeed, never happen again.