Minnesota Vikings 2023 mid-season rookie report card

How are the Minnesota Vikings rookies doing halfway though the season?
Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Jordan Addison
Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Jordan Addison / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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Fourth-Round Pick: Jay Ward - S (LSU)

Stats: 6 tackles

Jay Ward was picked in the fourth round by the Vikings, and there was immediate talk he would be converted to corner. It was a little surprising when the first depth chart came out, and he was listed as a safety, but that's the position he has settled with.

While he is listed as a safety, Ward's role has been on special teams. He's basically on every unit, and every snap he's taken as a rookie has been on this side of the ball. Unfortunately for Ward, he's standing out for the wrong reasons.

He's had two costly mistakes that have cost the Vikings points this season. In the Bucs game, he lined up offsides on a field goal, which gave them a first down. They ended up scoring a touchdown a few plays later.

Then, against the Packers, he lined up in the neutral zone again, negating what was a missed field goal attempt. The Packers got a second chance and put it through. Ward is young, and those mistakes can be forgiven, but it would be encouraging to see him make a few positive plays during the remainder of the season.