4 most underrated moves the Vikings made in the 2023 offseason

Harrison Smith
Harrison Smith / Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports
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There are some moves that the Minnesota Vikings aren't getting enough credit for pulling off this offseason.

Headlines were made by the Minnesota Vikings this offseason for some of the decisions they made in order to prepare for the 2023 NFL season but some of the other moves they made could have a huge impact on the year.

Sure, the Vikings made the hard decision to move on from both Adam Thielen and Eric Kendricks and they will be missed by fans, but the team is looking forward to the future instead of holding onto the past.

Plus, major moves like getting a new defensive coordinator were necessary after the team struggled to slow opponents from putting points on the board. Other moves that weren't as essential could make a major difference too.

Let's take a look at five moves the Minnesota Vikings made during this offseason that are completely underrated and deserve significantly more praise as the team prepares for the 2023 NFL season and beyond