Minnesota Vikings 53-man roster prediction after 2023 minicamp

Justin Jefferson
Justin Jefferson / Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports
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Vikings Safeties (4)

  • Harrison Smith
  • Camryn Bynum
  • Lewis Cine
  • Josh Metellus

It's a bit refreshing to see a veteran like Harrison Smith on the list of 53-man roster projection since many of the other players who have been around for years are no longer here. He will be a starter this season.

Odds are that Camryn Bynum will be back as a starter this year but there is a chance that last year's first-round draft pick Lewis Cine might be able to take that role since he is healthy and the team has invested such a prized pick in him.

Many fans sometimes forget about Josh Metellus but he is a solid special teams player who can fill in when needed but hopefully won't need to. He started three games last year but has seen action in 48 games over his three seasons.

At the moment, there are only five safeties on the roster, meaning Theo Jackson will likely be on the outside looking in unless the Minnesota Vikings see something special in him and want to carry five safeties.