Minnesota Vikings 53-man roster prediction after 2023 minicamp

Justin Jefferson
Justin Jefferson / Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports
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Vikings Defensive Line (5)

  • Dean Lowry
  • Khyiris Tonga
  • Harrison Phillips
  • Esezi Otomewo
  • Jaquelin Roy

The Minnesota Vikings will only use a maximum of three defensive linemen at once and it should be assumed that Harrison Phillips and Dean Lowry will take two of those spots heading into the 2023 NFL season.

That third spots will be up for grabs but Khyiris Tonga has looked good at times and has a solid chance of being named the third starter. However, there are some young players who have a chance at unseating him.

Jaquelin Roy and Esezi Otomewo both have the potential to be standouts at Vikings camp but will need to make a great impression on the coaching staff in a short period of time to beat out the competition for a roster spot.

Minnesota needs to be better in the trenches this season and have talent that needs to be evaluated before the season kicks off. That makes the defensive line one of the most unpredictable units when it comes to roster cuts this year.