Vikings 53-man roster prediction after preseason Week 1

Jaren Hall
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Vikings 53-man roster projection

Specialists (3)

  • Greg Joseph
  • Ryan Wright
  • Andrew Depaola

Messing with the core group of specialists involved in field goals or punts can sometimes have disastrous results. Thankfully, it looks like the Minnesota Vikings are set to bring back all three for the upcoming season.

Kicker Greg Joseph may have missed some extra points last year, but he also came in clutch on some field goals. Unless someone can beat him out, odds are that Joseph could be the team's kicker for many years to come.

Punter Ryan Wright has a big leg and doesn't make a lot of mistakes. This is what you look for in a punter and holder. His continuity will allow the team to maintain decent field position and feel good about holds on kicks.


Andrew DePaola was a First-Team All-Pro long snapper last year who also made the Pro Bowl. He is one of the best in the league at his position and it would be absolutely shocking if he didn't find his way onto the final roster of the Minnesota Vikings.

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