Why Brian Flores (probably) won't be the next Panthers head coach

Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator Brian Flores will likely be a head-coaching candidate in 2024
Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator Brian Flores
Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator Brian Flores / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

There are multiple reasons to believe Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator Brian Flores will not become the next head coach of the Carolina Panthers.

In his first season as the Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator, Brian Flores has taken a unit that was one of the worst in the NFL in 2022 and transformed them into one that ranks 13th in the league in points allowed per drive to opposing offenses heading into Week 12.

With the impressive turnaround that the Vikings defense has been able to make this year, many expect Flores to garner interest from NFL teams that will be in need of a new head coach for the 2024 season.

On Monday, the Carolina Panthers joined the Las Vegas Raiders as a team that will need a new head coach next year when they decided to part ways with Frank Reich after just 11 games.

Brian Flores would be better off sticking with the Minnesota Vikings instead of joining the Carolina Panthers

As much as we hear about how there are only 32 opportunities to be a head coach in the NFL, so candidates should take whatever job they're offered, Flores should stay far away from Carolina if they want him to be the guy to replace Reich.

First off, Flores already dealt with a meddling owner when he was the head coach of the Miami Dolphins, and Panthers owner David Tepper is one of the worst when it comes to interfering with roster decisions for his team.

Tepper has already fired three head coaches since he became the owner of Carolina, making it clear that he has no patience for player development that might require a season or two of losing.

Second, the Panthers should be in search of a new head coach who has an offensive background and not a defensive-minded candidate like Flores. More than anything, Carolina needs someone who can help further the development of rookie quarterback Bryce Young.

Lastly, Flores has already been an NFL head coach in his lifetime, so he's probably going to be a bit more picky and wait for an opportunity that feels right for him and what he would like to accomplish.

Jumping at the first opportunity might have been something he did before had the chance to be the Dolphins head coach from 2019 to 2021. But with a secure role in Minnesota, he can be a little more patient when it comes to the next step in his coaching career, whenever that ends up happening.

So, it wouldn't be surprising at all if the Panthers decided to bring Flores in to interview for their head coaching vacancy in 2024. But, judging from the outside, he would probably be better off remaining with the Vikings for another season or waiting for an interview with another team instead of getting himself involved with what seems like a disaster of a franchise.