4 potential Vikings defensive coordinator replacements for Brian Flores

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Candidate #3: Brandon Staley - Chargers Head Coach

We’re not breaking any news here but Staley is on his way out of Los Angeles. It's just a matter of time until the Chargers brass pulls the plug on Staley.

The Chargers seemed poised to be a perennial contender in the AFC but they have been arguably the most inconsistent franchise in the entire league since Staley has taken over. Many believe the Chargers will be better without Staley calling the shots and that could very well be the case.

If and when Staley is let go, he is going to be heavily linked to the Vikings organization due to his close friendship with Kevin O’Connell and that includes positions other than defensive coordinator. Without Flores, it would make a ton of sense if they made Staley in charge of the Viking's 2024 defense.

Staley and O’Connell were coordinators for Sean McVay and the 2020 Rams and during that time the pair formed a close bond. During his tenure as Head Coach of the Chargers, Staley has called the plays for the defense, so he is more than qualified to run Kevin O’Connell’s defense.

Staley could be a classic case of a great coordinator but a bad head coach and if the Viking's defensive coordinator position opens up, Staley is going to be a favorite. It shouldn’t surprise anyone if he's brought in as a positional coach under Flores if he can't land a defensive coordinator job somewhere else.