4 potential Vikings defensive coordinator replacements for Brian Flores

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Candidate #3: Jerod Mayo - Patriots Inside Linebacker Coach

Vikings fans should be pounding the table for Jerod Mayo to become the next defensive coordinator if Brian Flores leaves. Jerod Mayo is the Inside Linebackers Coach for the Patriots, but he is essentially serving as a Co-Defensive Coordinator.

Mayo has played a vital role in improving the Patriots defense over the past four seasons. Despite receiving head coaching offers over the past two seasons, he has chosen to stay with the Patriots.

Some speculate that he may be in line to succeed Bill Belichick as head coach unless the owner Robert Kraft decides to hire someone from outside the organization. Players in the Patriots locker room hold Mayo in high regard and describe him as a player's coach.

Although he seems ready to move on to a coordinator or head coaching role elsewhere, he may not be quite ready to take on a head coaching position yet. One possibility could be for him to join Kevin O'Connell in Minnesota and work as a coordinator under him.

Mayo is familiar with the Brian Flores system and could easily step in as a coordinator for the Vikings and continue using the 3-4 blitz-heavy defense. If Mayo has a successful season in Minnesota, it could further boost his chances of being hired as a head coach in the future.


It would be wise for an organization to consider Mayo as a serious candidate for a head coaching position, as he has the potential to be a great coach in this league but some will question his readiness until he holds a defensive coordinator title and is calling plays on his own. In Minnesota, it would be his show just like it is with Flores now.

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