4 potential Vikings draft prospects who shined in Week 1

Clemson v Duke
Clemson v Duke / Lance King/GettyImages
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The Minnesota Vikings must like what they witnessed during the first full week of college football as several prospects shined in their first action.

As the Minnesota Vikings prepare to kick off the 2023-24 season, they also begin their deep dive into the 2024 NFL Draft class. The first week of the college football season is officially in the books and many of the expected stars started the season on the right foot.

Front offices across the league have already made their first visits to see premier college talent in action which means the draft cycle is in motion. The Vikings, who have some significant question marks beyond this season, will have a ton of talent to sort through as the 2024 draft class is very deep at several positions of need.

Regardless of what the Vikings decide to do with Kirk Cousins after this season, there will be candidates to sit behind him or take over at quarterback. There are also plenty of projectable stars along the defensive line and in the secondary which could drastically improve the VIkings' ailing defense.

Each week, we will dive into draft prospects that dominated their matchups and could be fits for the Vikings in next spring's NFL Draft. First round prospects are plentiful but there will also be players throughout the remainder of the draft that could have some value within Minnesota's roster.

To kick off this series, there were four stellar performances that stuck out amongst the pack over the first full weekend of college football.