Former Vikings LB responds to past irritation with Mike Zimmer

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer
Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer / Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

During his time as the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings, Mike Zimmer was able to help the team achieve a good amount of success. Zimmer's brash approach to coaching was exactly what the Vikings needed after a terrible 2013 season, and he was able to quickly turn the team back into an NFC contender during his first few years in Minnesota.

But his time with the Vikings eventually came to an end after the 2021 season, and it's safe to say that his exit wasn't a graceful one. Zimmer kept it professional when it came to making any comments about Minnesota's decision to fire him, but it didn't take long for some of his former players to share their criticisms about his coaching style.

After Zimmer's departure during the 2022 offseason, former Vikings linebacker Eric Kendricks was among the veteran members of the team's roster who spoke up about the negative culture that Minnesota's former head coach had created within the organization. Oddly enough, Kendricks is currently preparing to work with Zimmer once again, as both joined the Dallas Cowboys earlier this year.

Dallas Cowboys LB Eric Kendricks is excited to be back with former Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer

Shortly after the end of the 2023 season, Zimmer was hired by the Cowboys to be the team's new defensive coordinator after Dan Quinn left the role to become the new head coach of the Washington Commanders.

A few weeks later, Kendricks signed with Dallas, and almost immediately, plenty of people were wondering about some of the things the veteran linebacker had to say back in 2022 after the Vikings fired Zimmer.

Recently, Kendricks was asked about some of those past comments he made about the former Minnesota head coach, and the veteran defender had the following answer.

"Emotions were high... I can tell you now we're very excited, and it's good to be back with [Zimmer]. I love his walk-throughs, I love the way he does things, the way he structures things, the level of detail. So, I'm excited. I keep saying I'm excited, but I really am."

It seems like Kendricks and Zimmer have moved on from any problems they had with each other in the past, as the veteran linebacker probably wouldn't have signed with the Cowboys if he didn't want to work with the former Vikings head coach again.

In terms of personal success, the best years of Kendricks' NFL career happened when Zimmer was his head coach in Minnesota. So, for the upcoming 2024 season, Dallas is hoping the two former members of the Vikings can rediscover some of the old magic they created during their time together in Minnesota.