6 Vikings who could be entering final season with the team in 2023

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T.J. Hockenson - TE

Ever since T.J. Hockenson became a member of the Minnesota Vikings, he has become a major part of the team's offense. He is a popular target of quarterback Kirk Cousins and should help to take pressure off an offense that will be without veteran receiver Adam Thielen.

Hockenson will have a salary cap hit of nearly $9.4 million in 2023 but Minnesota will gladly pay that for his services if he can contribute the way he did last season for the Vikings. An extension for him should be in that ballpark per season.

Since he will only be 26 years old this season, finding a way to work out a long-term extension for Hockenson should be a priority for Minnesota. Not only would it be one less position to worry about and would not be super expensive.

It would be a shame for T.J. Hockenson to lear the Minnesota Vikings after the 2023 NFL season since he could be a long-term part of this franchise as it prepares for whatever the future holds for the team moving forward.